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Sci-fi/ Drama feature film "Blank" gets ready for production.

I am excited to announce that I will be directing my first funded feature film, going into production this May. Produced by KenMor Films, founded by myself and Producer Rebecca-Clare Evans, and in association with Templeheart Films.

'Blank’ is a Sci-fi/Drama set slightly in the future with references to the past. Written by award winning shorts writer, Stephen Herman, it is a character driven story that is a drama at its heart, with some elegant sci-fi elements. It has interesting themes to be drawn upon, include disability and mental health issues. It also looks at fears surrounding developing technology and how society is becoming more and more reliant on a digital, connected world, as well as our fascination and potential fear surrounding Artificial Intelligence. Logline: A desperate writer signs up for a fully A.I. operated retreat to cure her writer's block, but when an unforeseen software glitch occurs, she gets trapped inside her unit with an unstable android and no communication with the outside world.

We have an awesome team on board for this production, which will create a great film addition to the sci-fi genre.

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