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Year of production:2014

Running Time: 7:57 min


Doris is retired and lives alone after the death of her husband, Frank. Doris spends most of her time alone, but today will hopefully be different, as her beloved son, Ray, is due to visit. Though physically she may struggle, the joy she feels at seeing family always manages to push her onward and in the self entitled film we see one day in the life of Doris.  A look at isolation in the elderly.


Directed by Natalie Kennedy.  Starring Libby Wattis



Year of production:2013

Running Time: 23:30 min


The story follows John, a man recently returned from war in Afghanistan and unknowingly suffering from post manic stress disorder. Not only this, he finds his wife has been sleeping with one of his best friends behind his back, something he does not react well to, creating a high octane drama from start to finish.


Directed by Natalie Kennedy. Starring Paul David Morrison, Rebecca-Clare Evans and Jay Barnett



Year of production: 2011

Running Time: 8:01 min


Here is the video for the short film SHED, produced by StormMaker pictures and Circus Media.  Directed by Natalie Kennedy, written by Peter Skillen and starring Paul David Morrison and Sheng-Chein Tsai.  It was seen at festivals in the UK and USA and was well received by both audience and critic alike.


SHED was part of the official selection at the Green Bay International Film Festival and screened as part of the New Filmmakers New York film series, amongst other things.

Trauma teaser trailer


Year of production:2013

Running Time: 1:27 min


This is the teaser trailer for the short film Trauma, produced in 2013 by StormMaker Pictures.  Trauma was made while the director Natalie was 8 1/2 months pregnant and stars Paul David Morrison with featured performances by Rebecca-Clare Evans, Jay Barnett and more.  It is a tense film from start to finish.

SHED Teaser Trailer


Year of production: 2011

Running Time: 0:40 min


Here is the teaser trailer for the short film SHED.

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